Commitment to educate our workforce

July 24, 2018

Eric Johnson the NCTS teacher and quality control rep for NCTS brought in Steve Sorrentino from Reliable Tile to help train NCTS’s top finishers and setters on how to properly lay out stock and grout exterior thinbrick veneers.


As part of NCTS’s commitment to employees and clients they recently held a thinbrick installation class in their apprenticeship program. In early 2018 NCTS made a $200,000 commitment to educate their workforce by hiring Erik Johnson a journeyman tile setter, and former tile setting teacher in the Southern California Apprenticeship Program. All NCTS employees are required to put in two 4-hour classes on a monthly basis. This hands-on training in the NCTS facility is meant to teach the installers about new technology, new equipment, safety and hands on installation techniques. NCTS General Manager Eric Witcher said, “We have all the work we can handle right now, and only service 12 clients of which are the biggest contractors and developers in the United States. The only way we can profitably grow and keep the quality and speed our clients demand is to bring in and educate new and old employees. Without this training we can’t grow revenues. There are just not any good installers looking for work. Any top notch tile setter or finisher is already busy and rarely can you catch a guy looking to jump ship so we decided we need to train our own guys to do things the way we want and that’s zero punch lists, and installed according to TCNA methods and standard said Eric. 


Today's thinbrick class is just another example of NCTS’s commitment to perfection. With 15% of their 20 Million in revenue slated to come from thinbrick veneer installations in 2019 NCTS decided they needed to commit to specific training. NCTS’s president Roger Leasure said, “You can have a tile setter who is considered a journeyman or a guy who did his apprentice on a couple large jobs that were a certain type of installation and who has never been exposed to thinbrick. As the jobs get bigger and bigger the days of have a well-rounded tile setter who knows every aspect of tile and stone installation is going by the wayside. Here at NCTS we feel its important to have all of our men well rounded in every aspect of every type of installation. Today’s classes are just another step in growing into the global installation power house NCTS looks to achieve.




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